Who am I, after all?

Ohoh, so you're interested in seeing who the heck is behind the making of this particular place? How intriguing, fellow net voyager... well, allow me to introduce myself a bit!

I'm NinAcTi0N, and as you can probably guess, I'm an artist! One that's still experiencing a whole bunch of growing pains in her own styles and techniques, but always strives to improve and do her very best!
I can also be described as an ambitious dreamer, a creative cryptid, an enthusiastic nerd and a walking paradox :D

I'm actually a person of very broad interests, enjoying a whole variety of things, but I do have a taste for anything sci-fi, vibrant color palettes, interesting aesthetics and intriguing storytelling! Each of these bits influenced my stories in their own unique ways, some in clearer ways than others, and can truly say they all left an impact in who I am and who I aspire to be!

And speaking of aspirations, I'm on my way to pursuing a career in the animation industry, one of the storytelling mediums that fascinate me the most! I began to learn 2D animation back in 2016, and took my first steps into the world of 3D early this year! It's been an awesome journey so far!



This funky creature with stitched cheeks is my sona! I love her a lot lol. She's a kiteflem, an original species of mine!

But why a Neocities website?

To answer you, I shall go back to a time when all I used to do was daydream about my own ideas and try to draw digitally on my phone...

Ever since I started to feel more ambitious about my own stories n' stuff, the idea of having a website of my own popped in my brain and stood living at the back of it for a good while. And it was, in fact, fascinating - creating a web corner from the ground up and using it as your special place to showcase who you are or what you enjoy!

But the thing is- I had no idea if it was even remotely possible for me to create anything that custom... I mean, all I could think of were site hosts like Wix and Squarespace or a place like Carrd, and those didn't really interest me much. I wanted freedom over the way I could stylize every nook and cranny, and in a way, break free from the usual clean n' sleek web designs...

I grew tired of seeing artistic portfolios that sacrficed actual creativity in order to look professional - all had the same look, same structure, and only worked as galleries or contact pages. In fact, I believe personal sites are more than just a place for the artist to throw up its ideas onto, and instead, an awesome opportunity for them to be experienced and interacted with.

That's when, while randomly talking about projects and OCs, my friend Lu mentioned Neocities, and I got intrigued. I looked it up to quench my curiosity, and for real- I couldn't believe it was exactly what I was looking for all this time!

I like to say web design came to me as an unexpected hobby, since I've had most contact with coding in the gaming spectrum, but both CSS and HTML won over my heart with the amount of possibilities they offered. Little by little, all that artistic potential unfolded, and my ambitions kept on pushing me forward to make this place a reality. It's not perfect, nor professional, but why should it be? My DA page already does that job xD

What are my interests?

Oh boy, here we go- I'll try to share the meat of the things I like in this panel, while trying to keep it simple lol (I know I'll still end up rambling though)...

So, starting off, I'm very fond of angles! Anything that has sharp edges and a pointy, polygonal look is enough to catch my eyes and fill them with creative energy. That's also why I'm an enjoyer of pixelated styles, low-poly visuals, obsolete machines and retro stuff in general - everything looked more shaped in the past :P

I'm also very inspired by the vibrant chaos of the 90s and vintage, midcentury-esque aesthetics... I love the fusion of a wacky blast of colors and designs with more graphic techniques, it fits like a glove! Even better if there's some good ol' sci-fi grunge added to it!

And lastly, I have a soft spot for the surreal and abstract. I'm always intrigued by that feeling of uncanny nostalgia, in which something seems off and familiar at the same time... just like dreams are.

More stuff

Funky creatures

Manta rays/sting rays, horseshoe crabs, pigeons, rats, chickens, birds of any kind (my oldest inspos!), dogs (Salukis, Corgis and Dachshunds) and praying mantises!

My fave flavors

Guacamole with doritos, Portuguese pizza, salad, saffron chicken, fruit salad (and fruits in general), pastries with plums, any kind of pasta, carrot cake with chocolate topping and coffee candy.

My musical tastes

Guustavv, Lo-fi Girl, Kraftwerk, Nigel Stanford, Deadmau5, Black-eyed Peas, Matt Lange, Lady Gaga, Joe Ford + others from UKF drum n' bass, Above and Beyond, Pogo (his songs are a VIBE), Armin Van Buuren + other Trance DJs, Trentemoller, some songs from The Prodigy and Lulu Rouge, some METAROOM and Graham Kartna, 7-Bit Hero (the guys behind the Shooty Skies OST), Bob Moses, State Azure, a bit of Caravan Palace, Depeche Mode and some Martin Gore songs too, and a crazy ton of game OSTs!

Games I like

Minecraft, Spore/Spore Creatures, EDGE, Tetris, The Portal series (current favorite), The Sims 2 DS, Super Scribblenauts (nostalgic value lol), Jenny LeClue (one of my style inspirations), Mario and Luigi RPGs, Among Us, Shooty Skies + a bunch of old mobile games and UT/DR (the OSTs don't get old-)

Cool shows/series

I don't watch cartoons or series as much as before, but these have quite the spot for me- Regular Show (sad it had to end), Gravity Falls, TAWOG (creative worldbuilding with a realistic punch), Adventure Time, Clarence, Loki (the mind-bending series), HLVRAI (Dr. Coomer and Tommy made me laugh the most! Plus low-poly visuals go brrr-) and ENA (Silently excited for Dream BBQ...)

Artistic peeps

Skeline/Bucketline (love his style!), TubesAnn (DA artist who became an inspiration and friend), Kasey Golden, Darodugo, Framed51 (old inspiration and a good friend), Slitherbop, IxurCafe/Coffeesnake (he got me into MS Paint art!), Lukuak (also my friend, her art inspired me a lot back then) and Yugo Limbo (their style has a really unique vibe).

Other stuff

Tea, watching animated movies from various studios, fresh summer days, eccentric/wacky OC designs, sketchy and edgy artstyles, aliens lol, Surrealism and Cubism, fashion design, sci-fi/surreal and a bit of analog horror, creating stories, remembering the dreams I had on sleep and reading comics/webcomics!

This chip player has a bit of my own nostalgia inside it lol-

Press play and enjoy!

And lastly... what do you use to art?

Oh, I use a bunch of different things, mainly for digital n' traditional work! Here are my fave ones!

Digital art + 3D

A white Wacom Intuos Draw - An old but great pen tablet lol

Krita - My beloved for most digital stuff!

MS Paint - Everyone's good ol' childhood friend who's secretly a bad boy with bizarre potential

An IPhone 6 - For the handheld digitals I create with my thumb :P

IbisPaint X - The jack of all trades for drawing and editing on the go!

Blender - My gateway to the 3D realm! I hope to get into modeling characters there soon-

Traditional art

Prismacolor premier pencils - A 48 set of what became my truly favorite pencil brand

Ironlak/Smiggle gel pens - I rediscovered their neon chaos last year, and can say I'm not going back xD

Artools/Pigma Micron ink fineliners - For the inky stuff! I love black n' white contrast...

White Gellyrolls and a Posca - White little details everywhere!

Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencils - My lifesavers for sketching with more style lol! I also use an old FaberCastell one for that :1

And before you go-
Check these stamps out!

I always had a thing for DA's famous decor stamps lol, so I KNEW I had to make a whole collection of them! Hope you guys enjoy getting a snippet of my fave aesthetics, vibes and stuff!

Hover over them for the artist credits!

Rad stamp Regular Show stamp Turquoise stamp Vibrant stamp Sparkle stamp Lights stamp Neons stamp Glitch stamp Trippy stamp 2 Trippy stamp 1 Dreamer stamp Purple stamp Cheshire stamp OC stamp Sea stamp Popup stamp Gummy stamp Human stamp Stardust stamp Krita stamp Sound stamp Wish stamp Space stamp Universe stamp Planet stamp Sci-fi stamp Starfield stamp Road stamp WALL-E stamp Wreck it Ralph stamp Warning stamp Love stamp Animator stamp Beach stamp Train stamp Astronaut stamp Comic stamp Friends stamp 50s stamp 1 Old tech stamp Steampunk stamp No bad vibes stamp Art love stamp Explain stamp Writer stamp So many ideas stamp Talk stamp Flipnote stamp Thinking stamp Lamp stamp Gravity Falls stamp Equal stamp IbisPaint stamp Shovel Knight stamp Inside Out stamp MS Paint stamp Music stamp Piano stamp Object head stamp Lo-fi stamp Cyber stamp Fog stamp Robot stamp Spore stamp Lava stamp Tablet stamp Nyan cat stamp Whack stamp Rain stamp Traditional stamp