Some arts and brain farts!

Hmm, I sense a bunch of curious eyes are looking for some artsy stuff... very well, you goopy glares! Welcome to this chaotic corner known as the creative zone! :D

Below this yellowed square, your eyeballs can behold the Gallery-o-Mat, which holds my some of my fave artworks behind its screen! Click on them to see them in their full-size glory (+ some nice description), and hover over those buttons for extra info :1

Galleries still under heavy construction! So far, the featured one is up and running, so stay tuned for updates!

Did anyone say music?

Here it is! My humble and hopefully ever-growing discography! As a listener, I have quite the varied musical taste, from lo-fi and general EDM to even a bit of orchestral. As a composer, I tend to lean more towards experimental n' minimal tunes, with electronic vibes and a retro atmosphere.

Embracing limitation in my songs was both a joy and a challenge for my own skills, they really shaped my style! Give some of them a play if you wish, and enjoy! :P

The Synth in the DS - An album composed with the KORG DS-10 and a DSi. Sitting around retro pop n' minimal eletronic, it has a bunch of different vibes packed in!

Liminal Halls - A track made on the KORG M1, most specifically a DS version of KORG's keyboard. It's a mix of chiptune with some dance beats, interestingly inspired by a song I heard in a dream!

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