Let's get fancy!


Created by me :P

Found on the web!


Created by me using FireAlpaca!

Generated on Blinkies.cafe!

Mad blinkie Peeps blinkie Sludge blinkie Star blinkie Cozy blinkie Music blinkie Lit blinkie Goop blinkie Spooky blinkie Silly blinkie Try blinkie Sugar blinkie

Found on the web!

Twinkle blinkie Blinked blinkie Brain fart blinkie Bored blinkie Potassium blinkie Happy blinkie Bird blinkie Tired blinkie Goldfish blinkie Windows blinkie Madness blinkie Play blinkie


Created by me :]

Boom stamp Vibes stamp

Found on the web!

Artist thing stamp Moon stamp City stamp Glass stamp Play stamp Crystal stamp Broken stamp Vaporwave stamp Aesthetic stamp Nebula stamp Funny stamp Slime stamp Sunset stamp Holo stamp Confused stamp Golden stamp Stand by stamp Eyeball stamp


Created by me using FireAlpaca and Krita!

50 x 50

Space icon Worm icon Eye icon Crane icon


Created by me using Krita!

100 x 100

Lightning texture Worm texture Hibiscus texture Cup texture

200 x 200

Star texture Plant texture Cards texture Flower texture

Random stuff!

Web badges

Created by me!

Artistic badge Mind Rewind badge SPACE LAG badge Coffee Breaks badge Wired Vultures badge Birb badge Edge badge

Found on the web!

Blender badge Carrot badge Click badge Cookie badge Travel badge Weird badge Something badge Escape badge Grrr badge Mean people badge Windows badge Pretty badge