To-do list!

  • Set up the adopts corner + add the stickers
  • Add more arts to my iframe gallery system (will unfold over time)
  • Finish making one of the pages that pops when you click one of the ads
  • Work on the "Which tea are you?" quiz, together with the "Make your own!" minigame (that might take a bit longer)
  • Begin setting up the "Stories and Projects" corner with the accordion descriptions and age ratings to each
  • Start working on the "Beings and Things" page, aka my OC/creatures directory lol (will develop over time)
  • Set up the "Cool Stuff" page, where I'll talk about things I like + media I enjoy
  • Finish up some more assets for the about page, at least ones I'm proud of and feel like keeping
  • Go back to working on Mind Rewind, once I've got the projects page up and running and implement the Rarebit template
  • Keep on expanding Wired Vultures' writing, and hopefully add it to the projects page
  • Code "Who rang?", the phone game where you'll be able to call some of my OCs by dialing numbers
  • Develop whatever's inside the fridge lol


  • Nov 1, 2023 - It's hilarious how there's a huge time gap in this changelog, hoo boi- I've done some quality of life updates throughout the months, but right now I'm starting to add new pages and polish assets!

  • Apr 18, 2023 - Teehee, I've moved the subpages to a proper folder and created a specific folder for the iframe HTMLs! More organization for future plans-

  • Apr 2, 2023 - I've been in the mood for animating, and felt like revamping the good ol' bullets for the navbar! I'm super proud of them lol, they look super goofy :D

  • Mar 28, 2023 - Gosh, it took me forever to finally update the textures in the guestbook, but all the work paid off :'D They arrived today!

  • Mar 17, 2023 - Woo, one more asset just came out! I painted the traditional art icon this time :D Can't wait to work on other stuff soon!

  • Mar 15, 2023 - I added two new assets to my about page today, from the digital art icon to some extra cables and wires I drew for the Winamp lol. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Mar 12, 2023 - Now we're talking! I managed to find a JS system that works for multiple images, just like I needed :D I'll also be updating a bunch of new things soon, so stay tuned!

  • Mar 8, 2023 - I know I went poof for WAY too long this time, and I apologize :'1 I was busy with so many things, both art and life wise, that I couldn't get in the right mindset to go back to working on the site. Well, it's time to change this today! I'll be implementing the JS overlay system and testing it as I go.

  • Jan 24, 2023 - Nearly half a month later, I returned! This time, with the Graphics corner finally ready to open! I hope you enjoy all the graphics I painted/collected for it :D

  • Jan 13, 2023 - Phew, I've been working on a lot of stuff these past days! I got into the Funky Webring, finally assembled the Coding 101 section, and I'm moving on to developing the Graphics corner! I'm still gonna add a bunch of tutorials n' tips to the Coding section though, such as the Iframe modal gallery and some things I've learned about grids lol.

  • Jan 8, 2023 - I'm now part of the Geekring, and proceeded to update my footers with the actual year lol. I'll see if I'll have enough energy to update other stuff though :P

  • Dec 26-28, 2022 - I might've burned my brain way too much with that code, but the creative zone is finally online! It's gonna be easier for me to add images to the galleries later on as well, so I'm excited with the fact I already took a roadblock out of the way. Also hope to update the resources page with the coding 101 area, where I'll pop up a modal with HTML, CSS and JS tutorials! Cool, right?

  • Dec 18, 2022 - After lots of searching, I think I finally found the fonts I liked! I already implemented them in my main pages, and hope to mess with some others in specific parts on the site. Also optimized my JS' loading time n'learned a bunch of new stuff!

  • Nov 23, 2022 - I finished painting one of the pictures of my about page, and hope to test some new textures in the resources page tomorrow... we'll see!

  • Nov 20, 2022 - The structure of the resources page is done! I've added a handful of cool links to sites, tools and little random things. I'll also add tutorials and other stuff in there soon.

  • Nov 8, 2022 - A bunch of struggles later, I figured out why my font was misbehaving all this time... FontSquirrel had actually crunched its angles, and had to redo my font kit all again. This time, I did it without it changing a single bit of it!

  • Nov 6, 2022 - It took me WEEKS to get the about page finally polished enough, but it was certainly worth it! I got a layout I'm proud of, and can say I'm pretty satisfied with how I conveyed all the info there. I just need to finish up other assets... and rest.

  • Nov 1, 2022 - Gosh dang, that was one heck of a break since my last update xD Today, I finally figured out the solution to my grid system's weird quirks on the home page. Everything should perform as intended now!

  • Oct 8-9, 2022 - I finished painting a pagedoll for the ENTER page, and used media queries to make it accessible on mobile. Still working on the about page though-

  • Oct 2, 2022 - My stylesheets are finally all organized in a single folder! And I added a new mood to the mood panel.

  • Sep 28, 2022 - I've got some brand new textures in the works, and already have a more solid structure for my about page! I just gotta write and add more stuff in it lol. Might add it today or tomorrow, idk.

  • Sep 22, 2022 - After some time wrapping my head around some js logic, I managed to get a random fact generator to work for my fun fact panel! All facts were chosen by me! :P

  • Sep 16, 2022 - I've began recording my original tracks and finally added a player with one of them to the page! I also hope to finish my pagedoll today xD

  • Sep 13, 2022 - I added two new assets to the page, repainted the fun fact panel (wasn't happy with it) and added a unique visitor counter!

  • Sep 12, 2022 - The preload isn't immediate, but it's certainly faster now! I'm almost done with my pagedoll animation and will finish all the other textures I need to make for the main page. Then... I'll begin to work on my about :P

  • Sep 9, 2022 - I finished painting some ads and added them to the main page! Also hope to add the first mood/aesthetic to the mood panel soon!

  • Aug 31, 2022 - I began to move on to other sections of the site, starting by the socials tab! I also tweaked some stuff in the media queries for the ENTER page.

  • Aug 27, 2022 - I painted a longer background for the ENTER page, and added some info a bit below with what type of thing you guys and visitors should expect.

  • Aug 26, 2022 - It didn't seem, but my grid system was a mess, and I finally gained some courage to fix it with the devtools' help! Now I'm a lot more confident about moving on to the other sections!

  • Aug 25, 2022 - Finished painting the fun fact panel, made some new textures, added box shadows (erm, neons) to my divs, and removed the hotlinking from the buttons!

  • Aug 22, 2022 - Thanks to Oaaky's help, I managed to fix the inner margin of my headings and paragraphs! I'm so glad I finally fixed that problem lol, it was bugging me for a while and couldn't figure it out!

  • Aug 21, 2022 - A minor update, but I figured out how to make my images look crisp with the image-rendering property! Now they look pixel perfect regardless of the display!

  • Aug 18, 2022 - Finally added a guestbook using the HTML Comment Box! It wasn't easy to figure out how to propely customize it, but things went smooth after I got the hang of it. I also finished animating my first ad (it isn't clickable yet, but it shall be soon...)

  • Aug 9, 2022 - Using some simple media queries, I managed to fix the ENTER button on mobile view!

  • Aug 8, 2022 - It was a struggle, but after lots of experimenting, I managed to develop a nice-looking structure for my page! I'll still add a lot of things to it, but it's an awesome start!

  • Aug 6, 2022 - After taking some time to get used to VS Code, I've finally started to implement the grid layout on my pages! My workflow is a lot faster now, and can tell my page will take shape a lot more quickly!

  • Aug 4, 2022 - Returning to the usual updates, I finished making and adding my own font for most of my text, and will work on a more stylized one in the future for certain things! I also hope to get to work on more assets, such as ads and icons!

  • Jul 10, 2022 - Finally fixed the button animation and added this changelog lol.

  • Jul 9, 2022 - Nearing the end of the CSS course, I painted a definitive background for the first page and fixed the button position!

  • 5, 2022 - Already during ArtFight, I tested some background textures and pictures I made myself.

  • Jun 26, 2022 - I implemented the ENTER button, together with some quality of life changes. I also started to create my own font!

  • Jun 22 (?), 2022 - I finished setting up all the basic stuff for my main pages (including the header design and site button), and started to dive into CSS for good!

  • Jun 15-18, 2022 - I kept on expanding the site as I learned more HTML, while adding some minor CSS to make things look a bit better.

  • Jun 14, 2022 - The lab was born, and so did my web design journey! Everything looked pretty raw back then lol.

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  • Dot-dude said:
    A sun dog passed by my house today! Ohoh, talk about a bright little guy! So cute I could feel my face melting-
  • 4sterdr0id said:
    I saw something bright too... recently stumbled upon a bunch of pearly-white things in the middle of some bubbly plants. Still unsure on what they do though.
  • M said:
    Oh, I remember hearing about these! I think Tuk was the first to spot them, two days ago. I hope he's alright, he didn't show up at the chip department yesterday...
  • Asterdr0id said:
    Oh dear, really? He's such a nice guy- really humble of heart, even for an admin. I wonder if Nia and Lem know of anything else.
  • Dot-dude said:
    Oop, I gotta go now, otherworldly peeps! A tree branch just puked pink sludge over my treehouse. Again.
  • M said:
    How does a tree branch "puke" its inner fluids like this? The closest thing I've seen was a tree root burst and splatter its juice everywhere.
  • Rexx0n8tor said:
    Lol, I just landed here and I'm not understanding a thing :'1 What's up?

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