Welcome aboard, fellow traveler! I see you just found the entrance to my lab... don't worry! I'm not mad :D Wish you a great stay in this weird corner of mine!

This place is where most of my worlds shall meet - from various arts and animation concepts to comics and writing, it'll have a bit of everything!
Feel free to explore... just beware of some twisted experiments. And sharp teeth-

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Live OC Chat! (kind of)

  • Dot-dude said:
    A sun dog passed by my house today! Ohoh, talk about a bright little guy! So cute I could feel my face melting-
  • 4sterdr0id said:
    I saw something bright too... recently stumbled upon a bunch of pearly-white things in the middle of some bubbly plants. Still unsure on what they do though.
  • M said:
    Oh, I remember hearing about these! I think Tuk was the first to spot them, two days ago. I hope he's alright, he didn't show up at the chip department yesterday...
  • Asterdr0id said:
    Oh dear, really? He's such a nice guy- really humble of heart, even for an admin. I wonder if Nia and Lem know of anything else.
  • Dot-dude said:
    Oop, I gotta go now, otherworldly peeps! A tree branch just puked pink sludge over my treehouse. Again.
  • M said:
    How does a tree branch "puke" its inner fluids like this? The closest thing I've seen was a tree root burst and splatter its juice everywhere.
  • Rexx0n8tor said:
    Lol, I just landed here and I'm not understanding a thing :'1 What's up?

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