How sweet is your hunger?

The shop is now OPEN!

Hello, fellow n' dear customer! We are two passionate bakers who found a love for reinventing the flavors of the good ol' caramel apples! Hop on and join us on our tasty adventures!

Every flavor we create is carefully sweetened and cooked, while being sure to be a perfect way to both excite (and confuse?) your senses! We're not in for the only classic flavors, oh no no- in this truck, we are as experimental as we can get! Lots of belovedly weird n' crunchy treats for your tongue to taste!

And by the way, you can call me Tac! My sister Tic is the one with the green clothes, while I'm all about the reds haha. Quite fitting with all the apple motifs, am I right?

But how did it begin, you may ask?

Well, we can definitely say we went a loooong way until we settled down on apples, ahah- we hopped around a bunch of jobs until we landed on actual cooking!

Back then, my brother and I used to work as pilots for a company, and used to go on a series of aerial missions.
Those were fun times, though they didn't last forever- we had to move on to becoming stewards at a certain airline, serving the food we would cook ourselves... and that's where our more "gourmet" interests began to rise-

In a fateful n' chill evening, we rambled about how much we loved apples, and realized we were wasting the flying opportunity we had at our own reach... why not fuse the things we loved throughout all these years into a job?

Apples coming here soon!